Dynamic Thai Massage

Dynamic/Rocking Thai massage is a dance between client and practitioner in which out of intuition, fluidity, creativity and love we allow our clients to reconnect to body and spirit"

Rock your massage to an Amazing level

Just imagine after a massage your client opens her eyes and tells you that this is the most amazing massage she ever had. This is feed back I often receive and one of the secrets is the dynamic and rockting techniques. Dynamic and Rocking Thai Massage is an incredible exciting style which will bliss out your clients. Add this style in to your massage and you will be more popular, attract more clients and able to ask higher rates for your massage.

In Dynamic/Rocking Thai Massage we use continuous movement, rocking, waving, harmonic movements, dynamic stretches, joint mobilisations into our massage. As a therapist you will have more variation, be more effective and more therapeutic

In my own massages I use movement and rocking techniques all the time I found that they have incredible benefit.
• Rocking gives a deep sense of relaxation, stimulates energy flow
• To free stagnation and tostimulate and recover freedom and mobility
• Dynamic pressure effect a greater area then static pressure
• A great tool for sensitive areas and clients who are resisting
• Very helpful with joints problems, releasing blockages
• As a bonus your clients will feel great during and after the massage

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