Dynamic Thai Massage

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With Dynamic/Rocking Thai massage you will be more popular, attract more clients and able to ask higher rates

What will you be learning?

Your practice will grow, be more rich and you become a better massage therapist. You will be more fluid in your massage, more intuitive, more creative and feel more free within your practice. You have more variation and more tools in working with different clients. You understand how to use your body more effortles and better suited to your bodytype

Crucial in your learning experience is that you as a student receive personal attention and the right guidance. A dedicated, experienced and skilled teacher is very important. In all my teachingsi am precise, thorough and provide you with quality feedback which helps you to progress faster and will help you in your career.

• How to apply the principles of foundation, core and expression.
  - Foundation; using your body in the right way,
  - Core; working from your hara, connecting to your center and core qualities (love and compassion).
  - Expression; be able to expres yoursef in a high quality touch; a listening touch.
• A great number of exciting techniques; rocking, harmonics, joint mobilisations
• Improve your fluidity and smoothness in your massage and your transitions
• How to incorperate rocking, movement and harmonic techniques in your massage

Scheduled Courses

Dynamic/Rocking Thai Massage Course dates                

Open: to everyone
Duration: 5 ays (25 hours)

Included :
Instruction movie
Text book
Price 7.400 Baht

22/07 – 26/07/2019
05/08 – 10/08/2019
04/11 – 08/11/2019
02/11 – 06/11/2019
16/12 – 20/12/2019
13/01 – 17/01/2020
27/01 – 31/01/2020
10/02 – 14/02/2020
24/02 – 28/03/2020
09/03 – 13/04/2020
06/04 – 10/04/2020

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